Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bacon & Labor Day

Labor Day was yesterday and it started out on a high note.  First off, mom and dad were home - both got to take a holiday from work - sounds nice.   Secondly, do you see whats gonna be added to our breakfast?   Not JUST eggs but also BACON.   We've never had bacon added to our food.   Oh, it was sooo yummy.   Even this morning there was two extra pieces that didn't get eaten so we got BACON AGAIN.  
We LOVE you mom and dad !!!

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  1. Mom just told me she got a reeallllly good idea after reading your blog post today she can scramble eggs i have seen her do it, so she is going to add a little to our kibble (cos dad has to bring home more food tonight) and a little leftover steak and some brown (horrible undercooked uck) rice to our supper...yummy can hardly wait!!!
    stella rose