Monday, September 10, 2012

Rolly Treat

Oh look, a yummy treat, thanks mom.

Can I have your treat?     NO!   You already ate your treat from mom.

Black Pearl devours her treat, any treat in about 2 minutes.   Otis likes to enjoy his treats.   Any treat he gets it usually take him awhile to eat.   These Smart N' Tasty Canine Dental treats (from Mr. Chewey)  take him a good 1/2 hour to eat.   Otis chokes easly on hard treats so mom has to watch him carefully, he usually only gets soft treats so hard treats are extra special to him.

Whats your favorite treat? (anything except frozen water right Stellarose)

1 comment:

  1. Guess what Dad gave me last night!!! A big round bone from some meat he cooked on the grill..I ran as fast as I could and hid under the bed, and made screaming noises so sam and turd would be to scared to come close to me..I hid under the bed for 30 min. mom said ...finally mom was worried I would choke to death and crawled under the bed to get it away from me...dang!!!!! Most of the treats I love is fruit...Sam likes bacon treats, and turd bucket is like otis..she chokes cos of her throat issue so mom has to squish her treats up and then she usually doesn't eat brings home CHICKEN from the restrauant for her..she loves CHICKEn...(see who feeds us better)
    Have you got your card yet?
    Stella Rose