Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good Bye Trudie

This is a picture of Trudie.  Trudie went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  Trudie was only 6 years old.  She leaves behind a brother Sam and a sister Stella Rose, along with two broken humans.  Well wishes and kind words can be left on Stella Rose's blog at  
We didn't know Trudie very long, just a few months.  Trudie, Sam, and Stella Rose sent Black Pearl a Halloween Get-Well-Card when Pearly was sick with kennel cough.  We will cherish the card for ever.

Breath freely Trudie, may God's peace and comfort be with your loved ones you are now watching over from above.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Pug Poem

A Pug Morning
I woke up this morning
and what did I see?
A wrinkled up Pug face
...Just staring at me!
She had big black eyes
And a short little nose.
Soft velvet ears
folded up like a rose.
Just inches away
She gave a big wheeze,
Sucked in some air,
Let out a giant sneeze!
A joy? A pleasure? A thrill?
It IS not!
To be waked in the morning
By a spray of Pug snot!
~Author Unknown

Mom found this poem on Facebook posted on Timmy The Pampared Pug site.  Check out his site - very adorable pug pictures and stuff!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pug Furiend Needs Help

Our California furiend Belatrix needs our help.  She's trying to win free doggy daycare for a yearAND to be on the cover of a 2013 Calendar.  See below to see how you can vote and help Bella win.  We are gonna vote EVERYDAY and you can too.  Go NOW and VOTE!!
I'm in a contest...Vote for me!!!

SPECIAL ALERT!!! My 'Rents have entered this picture in a contest with my daycare: Camp BowWow! If I win, I get lots 'o free daycare, and I'LL BE ON THE COVER OF THEIR 2013 CALENDAR!!!!

Imagine, The Belly...ME!...on the cover of a calendar!!!! Representing all pugs, everywhere!

So, all you have to do is click here, if you do the Facebook thing:
Camp Bow Wow Contest. Then, click on "Click here to enter," then either search for "Bellatrix" or click through the B's to find the picture!

Do it every day! We can beat that Basset Hound that's in first place!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's Up?

So, mom, what's up?  You've forgotten to tell the whole world about our adventures - you feelin OK?
Yeah, mom, you even skipped Bible Study last night - hmmmm.

Mom's been a bit forgetfull the last few nights, I guess trying to get people paid is a lot of work.  Pay day is coming and now that all the Principal's teacher's, teacher's assistance, lunchroom people, custodians and all the humans it takes to support schools are now all back to work, they expect to be paid on October 1st.  Ok, Ok, we'll give you some slack - but you'd better get your poop-in-a-group shape up mom!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Few Days of Summer

Well, the last few days of summer are here.  Today it was about 76 degrees outside.  Maybe Wednesday and Thursday it might get up to 80 but then cool down to low 70's.  Mom keeps the back door open so we can use the screen doggy door but we get the feelin that may come to an end soon.   That means that Otis will need to get mom or dad's attention when he needs to go outside.  He usually runs to the back door, runs out to the living room and runs around - mom begins to panic cause he's wandering - then its get him outside quick - no potty in the house!  Black Pearl usually goes to the back door and stares at the door and then stands there and stares back at dad in his recliner - gives him the stink eye :)    What's your sign that you need to go outside?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Halloween Get Well Card

Oh, how sooper nice, our Furiends Stella Rose, Turdie, and Sammers sent Black Pearl a Happy Halloween Get Well Card

Black Pearl LOVES her card  

AND they also sent a pink "love" charm for Pearly's tag, and a  blue sparkley heart charm for Otis's tag.   How SWEET of them !!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Rolly Treat

Oh look, a yummy treat, thanks mom.

Can I have your treat?     NO!   You already ate your treat from mom.

Black Pearl devours her treat, any treat in about 2 minutes.   Otis likes to enjoy his treats.   Any treat he gets it usually take him awhile to eat.   These Smart N' Tasty Canine Dental treats (from Mr. Chewey)  take him a good 1/2 hour to eat.   Otis chokes easly on hard treats so mom has to watch him carefully, he usually only gets soft treats so hard treats are extra special to him.

Whats your favorite treat? (anything except frozen water right Stellarose)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fever Broke

Looks whos feelin better  -  mom says Pearly's fever must have broke cos around midnight Pearly was real restless in her crate.  Mom and Pearl got up and went out to the livin room and Black Pearl ran around and played a bit.  Finally aboot 45 minues later they went back to bed.   Today, Black Pearl has been runnin around, her cough sounds much better - hardly coughin at all, and her eye aint so goopy.   Still has meds to take but fellin much much better.    Thanks for all the juju for Black Pearl !

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Black & White

How do we look without any color?   Since Black Pearl aint feelin too good and all she wants to do is sleep, mom started playing with her camara on her phone and found this setting.   We think we look pretty darn cute.   Hopefully Pearly will be feeling better tomorrow and we'll havesomethin interesting to report.   Until then, hugs to all !

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Sick Puggie and One Not-So-Much

Ohhh, I don't feel too well.   I gots me an eye infection and a terrible sounding cough.   Mom took me to the doggie doctor last night - I got me a shot in the shoulder, got violated when the nurse lady HAD to get a poo sample, got drops to make my eyes turn green and then made me look into this bright light . . . oh the horrors.   I coughed all night long, a deep raspy kind of cough.   Mom brought home some pills for me to take and has to drop stuff in my left eye - all this for the next two weeks.

Here's a sample of what I sound like what mom calls it a barking seal kind-of bark.   Doesn't keep me from playing - at least for a little bit.

Otis is feeling just fine.   He even gets to / wants to go outside and play.   Me, Black Pearl, I just want to do "my business" and go back and cuddle with mom.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bacon & Labor Day

Labor Day was yesterday and it started out on a high note.  First off, mom and dad were home - both got to take a holiday from work - sounds nice.   Secondly, do you see whats gonna be added to our breakfast?   Not JUST eggs but also BACON.   We've never had bacon added to our food.   Oh, it was sooo yummy.   Even this morning there was two extra pieces that didn't get eaten so we got BACON AGAIN.  
We LOVE you mom and dad !!!