Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Few Days of Summer

Well, the last few days of summer are here.  Today it was about 76 degrees outside.  Maybe Wednesday and Thursday it might get up to 80 but then cool down to low 70's.  Mom keeps the back door open so we can use the screen doggy door but we get the feelin that may come to an end soon.   That means that Otis will need to get mom or dad's attention when he needs to go outside.  He usually runs to the back door, runs out to the living room and runs around - mom begins to panic cause he's wandering - then its get him outside quick - no potty in the house!  Black Pearl usually goes to the back door and stares at the door and then stands there and stares back at dad in his recliner - gives him the stink eye :)    What's your sign that you need to go outside?


  1. We are not very good makes excuses for us cos we are rescues but dad says we are lazy...sometimes I bark, but not always, turd doesn't let them know so its hit and miss but Mr. Perfect Sammer will go outside, and use the pee pads says she needs Ceaser to come to our house, ??????????
    STella Rose