Friday, August 31, 2012

SERPA Treat Shopping

Our cyber furiend Stella Rose is puttin on a contest to help SERPA PUG RESCUE in Missouri.  They are looking for the wackiest, weirdest,and/or most unusual treats.   All treats (unless specifically designated Treats For Stella Rose (Stella's mom is kinda treat challenged)) will be donated to SERPA Pug Rescue.   Jump on over to Stella's blog to get the details at: .    Mom had Wednesday off work so so she took us shopping for treats to send to Stella and SERPA.  We loved shopping as we got lots of luv pets and the cashier even gave us each a treat of our own. 
Good luck Stella - our box is on the way :)


  1. OMP, OMP, OMP!!! I just don't knows what to get for Stella's contest!!!! I really need to put on my thinking cap for this one. If you have any ideas, send um my way, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!
    Love Noodles


    I told Mum abouts that contest and that we MUST pawticipates too!

    I also told Mum we needs to do an introductions about yous and you becoming a member of the boys club.


  3. Whoohooo!! My Mom jumped for joy when she read your post on Monday!! She was so excited about you talking about our contest...Dad is having a very hard time understanding just what is going on..Mom is afraid he is going to mistakingly open up one of those packages ment for SERPA and give it to me, (and we know that would be a darn shame!)
    Thanks again
    Stella Rose