Thursday, June 6, 2013

Too Long !

Ohhh, It has been WAY TO LONG!!  And MOM missed my GOTCHA DAY on, June 5.   So that means I rescued the Brown family 3 years ago yesterday!    Mom has been super busy lately and barely has time to post about me (and sissy Black Pearl).  After her Business English final writing assignment (in which she is supposed to be doing, but writing about me is sooo much more important) she will try to get back to daily posts.   Boy, did I find the greatest family to live for!  Dad, Mom, Brian, and Amy are so nice and give me lots of treats and lovins.  I sure hope every puggy finds their perfect family!!    Hopefully very soon ya'll hear about me and Black Pearl's adventures again.  Until then, I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Best Dinner Ever!

Look what the humans brought back in their "doggy" bag that got added to our dinner kibbles.   Ohhh bits of ham, a little turkey, a couple chunks of prime rib fat, and BEANS, yummy, yummy BEANS!  Thanks dad, mom, & Amy,  WE LOVE YOU!