Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doing What Pugs Do

Well today I'm feeling much better and I actually went outside to play.   We actually got to go out into the front yard again - lots of areas to smell.

Otis found a good smelly spot.   Wouldn't leave that spot for a very long time.    Don't know what he was so interested in but whatever it was, he liked it.     It was a very nice day here in the Great Pacific Northwest - maybe summer will start before July 5th this year.

Ohhh, I'm Not Feeling Tooo Well

Ohh, Otis was right, I'm wasn't feeling too well yesterday.   My nose was realllly runny and my left eye was all goopy.   I think I just needed to sleep.    Mom didn't get to post yesterday because she was caring for me.   
But look at me now - I feel sooo much better.    I'm even playing outside.    Thanks for sending me your extra feel-good juju :)    Black Pearl

Monday, June 25, 2012

Outside Play Time

Well it was a very nice day today.  I got to play outside with my Rat Terrier sister Zoee - She's not one to want her picture taken so mom had to sneek this picture.    Zoee loves to chase the birds and squirrels.    My other sister, Black Pearl, is sleeping on the couch indoors - she'd rather be inside today - I think she's not feeling too well.   Hope tomorrow is a better day for her.   Send Pearl some juju - thanks! - Otis   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Relaxing Day

Well today was a pretty quiet day at our house.    Not much going on.  Mom had to go get us some food - we probably want to eat tomorrow and all the days after that.    Our people dad went with mom so we didn't go.  We got to stay home with our people Amy and relax.   Suppose to rain the next few days so we'll be laying around the house quite a bit the next few days.  That means lots of snuggle time with mom!

Monday, June 18, 2012

All About Us Pugs Weekend

Ohhh, we got me meet Dutch and Puglet and Miss Amanda !!   A HUGE thank you to Miss Amanda for being soooo nice !!  We loved posing for Nikon !!
We also went to our local Seattle Pug Rescue fund raiser Pug Gala.  We met A-LOT of pugs - must have been about 1000000 pugs in attendance !

Our mom and human Amy won a raffle prize - LOVE   LOVE   LOVE the treats!  Otis looks funny in the Snuggie :)  Me, Black Pearl, I love the bone squeaky toy !    We hope you have as much fun at your local Pug Party as we did.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bhy Kracke Park

Today we had to get up early, eat breakfast, then go for a car ride.  Mom put us in the car at 7:30 am.   Got  to Bhy Kracke Park at 8:30 am.  Seattle traffice - it took us an hour to go 12 miles. Then at 9:00 am, Miss Amanda took Otis and took lots of pictures of him.   At 10:30 am, it was my turn (Black Pearl).   Miss Amanda had this awsome red ball that squeeked - I really wanted that ball!   Miss Amanda was kind enough to let me play with it so I didn't even notice when she was taking pictures of me.   Oh, and we both got LOTS of yummy treats!!   We also met Dexter - a brindle pug;  CJ - a fawn pug,  and Frankie - a fawn pug.   Hope to see our new friends tomorrow at the Pug Gala - the BIGGEST pug party in all the land!   After our big adventure today, sure glad to be home and soon its gonna be bedtime.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre Photo-Opp Check List

Almost tooo excited to sleep tonight, tomorrow we meet Puglet, Miss Amanda, and Dutch !!!
Baths - Check
Harnesses fit test - Check
Leashed - Check
Water Bottle - Check
Water Bowl - Check
Poo Bag - Check

We are READY!!   Gotta get up a bit early. 
Otis meets Puget and Miss Amanda at 9 am and Black Pearl's turn is at 10:40 am.

Hopefully we'll have some photo's for you'll tomorrow :)

Thanks for all the good weather juju, keep it coming all weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Food

ohhh new food - yummy,  Mom got us this new healthy stuff.  We've only had a couple of meals.  For now, mom only gives it to us at dinner time.  Mom mixes it with our normal kibbles - looks like a mushy mess, smells kinds funky too, but sure tastes good :)    We have new favorite meal - dinner.

Monday, June 11, 2012

No More Fence Wars :{

Fence wars averted - what did mom do?  She found a small fence and put it up just behind the bricks, now Black Pearl can't get to the big fence.  The neighbor bulldog keeps trying to entice Pearl to the fence but she just can't get there. 

Sorry to be off-line for a few days, mom got a new cell phone and couldn't figure out how to post pictures.  So she gave up and now just uses her iPod touch.

Look at those shadows - yeah - keep that sunshine juju coming, we're gonna need it for Puglet and Miss Amanda's visit to Seattle this weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Starving !

Finally its dinner time.  We usually eat dinner sometime between 4 and 4:30.  It AFTER 5 already.  Otis had to go jump on mom a couple of times to get her attention - duh mom, get off the computer and FEED US.  We did notice we got an extra special treat in our dinner - I thinkg mom's trying to apologize - it worked.   Ahhhh, now its sunggle time :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Nap Day

Well not much happening today.  Its another cool drizzly Pacific Northwest kind of day.   It's a great day for a nap - on mom :)    We really don't care if it rains or is drizzily for now, just clear up and have clear bright skies for Puglet and Miss Amanda when they come next weekend - sure could use some JuJu for good weather for next weekend.   We are sooo excited that we get to meet Puglet and Miss Amanda!!  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Swim Pool At-Last

Oh please oh please let tomorrow be a nice day!  Well nice enough for us to play in our new pool mom just got for us.  Mom brought this home for us a couple of days ago, we didn't quite know what it was.  Mom has been keeping our toys in here and now we jump in-and-out all the time.  Black Pearl was real frustrated the first day, mom threw her rope in here and BP couldn't figure out how to get it out.  She would run around and around the pool, growing and whinning until mom finally picked her up and put her in it, silly girl.   Otis, I knew right away to jump in and get the toy I wanted.