Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Sick Puggie and One Not-So-Much

Ohhh, I don't feel too well.   I gots me an eye infection and a terrible sounding cough.   Mom took me to the doggie doctor last night - I got me a shot in the shoulder, got violated when the nurse lady HAD to get a poo sample, got drops to make my eyes turn green and then made me look into this bright light . . . oh the horrors.   I coughed all night long, a deep raspy kind of cough.   Mom brought home some pills for me to take and has to drop stuff in my left eye - all this for the next two weeks.

Here's a sample of what I sound like what mom calls it a barking seal kind-of bark.   Doesn't keep me from playing - at least for a little bit.

Otis is feeling just fine.   He even gets to / wants to go outside and play.   Me, Black Pearl, I just want to do "my business" and go back and cuddle with mom.


  1. Oh no, you have to gets better quick! And oh the horror of being violated. I totally feels for you. Sending you juju for getting better quicks.

  2. We hope you feel better soon!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  3. My mom wants to send you a get well card can you send us your you have pneumonia or just a bad cold? Now you rest and enjoy cuddling with your mom all day...we hate eye drops at our house yuck!! Sending you a hug.
    Stella rose and mom

    1. Stella, mom sent you her name and address when we inquired about where to send the SERPA Box, the email was sent to you on Aug 29. Let us know if we need to resend it - Thanks for all your juju.

      Black Pearl and Otis