Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Dinner time - finally.   Mom made us a very special dinner tonight!  Our grain free Blue Buffalo Wilderness kibbles mixed with our Honest Kitchen Force slop (its good slop) and tonight - a dash of fruit.  Otis loves his blueberries and Black Pearl enjoys her strawberries :)   Doesn't get any better than this.  Gonna be hot (for Seattle) the next few days, today 86, about 88 tomorrow and 90 somethin on Friday.  Yippy, that means its pool time and maybe, cross our toes, give mom our bestest best puppy eyes - Ice Cream too!  

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  1. Hey your mom kinda cooks like ours...same kibble, plus some can stuff plus fruit, yep the same with a dash of green beans for sammer and me, well that makes me feel better cos i have been reading all these blogs around their moms COOKING food, with a stove and everything...moms greatest accomplishments as far as cooking at our house is freezing water for our water bowls...sigh...
    stella rose