Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The F Word & Leavenworth

Sorry we didn't post yesterday, its my (Otis) fault - kinda.   But first, mom, dad, and Amy came HOME!!  They got home mid morning on Sunday - they went someplace called Leavenworth, not the Kansas prison kind of Leavenworth, but the Bavarian themed town in Washington State.  They told us about some food they ate - German Sausages and  hot german potatoe salad (they didn't bring us anything).   Mom did get some new ornaments - look, its me and my sister Black Pearl!   Anywho, mom didn't post yesterday because I was pretty restless in my crate/bed all night long Sunday night.  When mom got us up at 4:30 AM (yes AM) she noticed I had little tiny brown droppings on my hind legs and then she found a live FLEA - ugh a FLEA.   Mom put some drops on me and then sent us back to bed.   When she got home from work at 3:00 PM she went to PetSmart and ordered some pills that I'm suppose to take once a month and she also got some special shampoo.   Next thing I know, all three of us are in the tub and getting a bath - oh the scrubbing felt sooo good on my hinny.   Then mom had to hurry up and eat dinner cause she goes someplace called college - to get more knowlegde.   Our people Brian was home during the day and washed our bedding so while mom was gone gettin educated dad got our beds put back together, oh so nice and warm.  We where in bed almost asleep when mom got home - she said I slept much better, wasn't so restlest last night.  So now each night this week I'll get a good brushing and probably weekly baths with our new special shampoo.   I recommend to NOT GET FLEAS - TOO ITCHY !!!    

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