Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 1st Camping Trip

We went camping over our Nation's birthday - went to Big Lake, WA. 
We got to try marshmellows,
We got to try some chicken,
and a little bit of Kilbasa - some kind of fancy hotdog.  

When we got home, mom said we smelled like smokey pugs, we didn't go too close to the fire pit - we're guessing bathtime is coming on Saturday.   We slept all the way home, its hard to be awake all day long and for two days in a row - no couch to nap on.   And there was so many things to explore - we saw 4 deer, 5 rabbits, and lots of eagles - mom kept us in our harnesses and we were coupled together so we had to stay together (mom hoped we didn't look like lunch to the eagles).   It sure feels good to be home!

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