Monday, April 30, 2012

We Say Goodbye To April

We play outside today as we say goodbye to April.   Amazingly all four weekends in April were dry, no rain on Saturday or Sunday.  It's been a long-time since that happened here in the Pacific Northwest.   Looks like our people dad needs to mow - we don't like the mower.  Our people daughter (she's 19) has a firepit that sits the bricks in the background - that was fun to watch.  Our people son (he's 20) had a bonfire a few nights ago.  There was lots of peoples here, all we have to do is give one of 'em "puppy eyes" and we got a marshmellow.   Mom let us have one each and then it was bed-time.  Oh the sweet marshmellow dreams we had.  Hope our people have more bonfires!

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